The Naked Blog


A collection of savagely tortured squares of paper

Little bird by Satoshi Kamiya
Deer by Yasushi Miyashita
Turtle by John Szinger
Tyrannosaure by Satoshi Kamiya
Pterodactyl by Fumiaki Kawahata
Elephant by ?
Crane humanoid by Sasade Shinji
Locomotive by ?
Hedgehog by Yudai Imai
Giraffe by John Montroll
Rabbit by ?
Piano by ?
Chameleon by Yoo Tae Yon
Cow by Fernando Gilgado Gomez
Rat by ?
Unicorn by Roman Diaz
Octopuss by John Montroll
Seahorse by Gen Hagiwara
Sheep by Gen Hagiwara
Elephant by Gen Hagiwara
Buddha by Hojyo Takashi
Fox by Hoang Tien Quyet
Zebra by John Montroll
Panda by Quentin Trollip
Lion by Satoshi Kamiya
Deer by Jun Maekawa
Shark by Miyajima Noboru
The Missionary by Marc Kirschenbaum
Taking a Hand in Male Matters by Marc Kirschenbaum
Each one Eats one by Marc Kirschenbaum